“Happiness & Health Are Our Greatest Wealth”

You might have heard a quote saying that health is our greatest wealth. Health is certainly paramount to living well, but we’d like to suggest an amendment: happiness and health are our greatest wealth.

Both on their own are beautiful elements of life, but the two combined give you something truly remarkable. Now, let’s be clear, we’re not talking about picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy happy moments, we’re talking about those instances of realization where you pause and think wow, I am so thankful to be alive, to be here with these people, to be experiencing this– true happiness that is not based on things or achievement.

Finding true happiness in your life means finding peace in a myriad of areas. So how do we realize w.e.a.l.t.h. like that? Take a peek below!



Wellness doesn’t necessarily just mean exercising, it also means creating space for moments of peace. From a comforting bath to a detoxifying sauna, spaces to make yourself physically and emotionally well are essential!

Enough Sleep
Create a sanctuary that is quiet, can be dark, and is relaxing, giving you the ability to sleep well.

Move your body! No, you don’t need a full home gym to be able to do this, even small spaces for yoga, H.I.T. exercises, or cardio can make a big difference!

Less Stress
Create space in your life to do things that reduce stress like journaling, quiet time away from screens, or walks in nature.

Time together
Make space to be with people who bring you joy and make you feel loved. Whether over dinner, lounging outside, or around a fire pit, that time is valuable.

Healthy Eating
The things you put in your body are literally the fuel that keeps you going. Craft a space that allows you to enjoy cooking, no matter if it is for you, your family, or guests!

Your own body and the people that surround you in life are priceless, take care of them well by giving them the space to feel safe, nurtured, and happy.