Even the Smallest Details Matter

Take a moment to close your eyes and picture your dream home. What are you picturing? Let me guess, you might be thinking of the outdoor aesthetic, the curb appeal. You also are probably thinking of the “fun” details like a home gym, an incredible kitchen or a swimming pool. One last guess: you most likely were not thinking about little details like your interior trim or door hardware.

When we envision our dream space, we tend to focus on the big items but the funny thing is that your home won’t turn out the way you dreamt it unless you also pay attention to both the functional and the aesthetic “little things.” The functional items that you, knowingly and unknowingly, come into contact with every day can make a huge impact on how you interact with and enjoy your space.

Similarly, in life, it is so easy to be caught up in the big picture: the right job, the right school, being seen at the right events and with the right people…essentially your life’s curb appeal. But, just between you and I, the things that end up being the most important in life are the little private moments: the moment your kid takes their first steps, scores a goal, or aces a big test; the smile on their face when you see a loved one after a long time apart; the laugh at an inside joke between a set of friends; the first bite of a truly delicious meal. All of these little joyful moments add up to one big joyful life.


beauty in the details
When you’re building or remodeling your space, you want a partner on your side who can help you navigate all those tedious little details, allowing you to enjoy the big picture. Take a look at some of those ever important details that shouldn’t be overlooked.

You know you want a big luxurious bathtub but have you thought about what will be used to surround it? How about the thousands of different types of faucets?

A staircase can either be a feature of the room or sink into the background to allow other unique features to stand out. Have you considered which materials you want to use or if you want it to be a statement piece of the house?

Unique moulding and trims can add that extra little bit to your style! Whether is it on the ceiling or on a mother feature in the room, like a window or center island, its the thoughtful details that make the space uniquely yours.