Create Space In Your Home and Your Life

Quarantine has had an interesting way of making us so much more aware of space: space between things (6 ft please!), spaces we can and can’t go, and the spaces in which we have spent the past 10 months. If you’re anything like us, you probably spent this time dreaming of all the ways you want to improve your space, make it more functional, more beautiful, homier.

The other type of space that you may not have been thinking about is the creation of more space in your life. What do we mean by that? Instead of rushing from one thing to the next, maybe we could all benefit from a few moments of calm, mindful time to reflect and to appreciate the blessings instead of jumping to the next items on the to-do list.

Our hope for you this holiday season is that you are able to intentionally create space in your life, to enjoy the beauty of this time, even though it might look a little bit different this year.

Then, next year, when you’re ready to bring that long-awaited space like the one below to life, give us a call!