Be Purposeful

A Joyful Life Is A Purposeful Life

Living a full and joyful life doesn’t just happen, it is built on the backs of thoughtful decisions. Everything you do, big or small, can help to build the life you want or a life that feels less than fulfilling.

A full life starts with ‘ful’ decisions. Take a look at some examples below while you consider what ‘ful’ you’re going to embrace this weekend.



Make space that allows you to be purposeful in your pursuits. Maybe it’s a home office to enable you to focus on your work. Perhaps it’s a studio that allows you to focus on your craft.

Surround yourself with things that make you delight in the world around you. That could be something that smells good, something that tastes good, or something that just makes you smile.


Make room for activities that make an impact in your well being. For some, that might be a space to sweat the days’ worries away. For others, it could be an area that allows you to read and get lost in another world.

Don’t forget about space to be still and bask in gratitude for the things and people in your life. Incorporating reflection into your morning to nighttime routine is a great way to bookend your days.