The Value Of A Professional Kitchen Designer

Picture this: you’re standing in your kitchen, trying to finish cooking dinner; you reach over to grab an ingredient from the refrigerator and wham the door collides with the open cabinet drawer that you always forget to close in order to get to the fridge. How about this: you’ve finished said dinner and you open the dreaded Tupperware drawer to be greeted by a hefty avalanche of mismatched plastic containers. Or maybe you’re tired of staring at the horrible early 90s cabinets and color scheme. The list of frustrations could go on and on. Whatever the reason, you’re ready for a change. It’s time to update the kitchen!

So, where do you start? You know you want a new floor plan and you’ve saved some beautiful photos on your Pinterest board, but how do you translate that into a tangible design and eventually, a well-built kitchen? That’s where a professional kitchen and bath designer can bring the most value. Below, we’ve covered the top reasons to work with a professional designer when redoing your kitchen.

Cost Savings

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: Does it cost a bit more to hire a professional designer rather than do it yourself? Yes. But certainly not as much as fixing mistakes or having to redo items in a few years when the space doesn’t turn out as you imagined. From both a design and building perspective, spaces with this much detail require intentional planning for safety, functionality, and quality’s sake!

In addition, a designer’s vast knowledge of industry options and products provides a huge benefit for you so that your design, incorporating the materials, appliances, and finishes you want, is being crafted to fit your budget rather than promised a certain budget and getting surprised by additions or overages along the way. No one likes hidden additional costs!


“Well begun is half done.”
Do you remember where this saying originates? Aristotle might have coined the concept but Mary Poppins popularized it when she said it to her young charges, reminding them that, in any endeavor, if you get off to a good start, your chances of success are greatly increased. While Ms. Poppins was talking about cleaning, the same sentiment rings true in any type of renovation. By looking at the space and all of its elements holistically before starting, you save yourself the potential headache of having to redo or move certain key elements like plumbing, ductwork, and electrical, saving you time and money in the long run. If, before you begin the project, you work with someone who knows what they are doing to craft a plan, a budget, a schedule, and, most importantly, a design of the space, you’re setting yourself up to have a much smoother construction process.

The Value of Experience
While it may seem simple, kitchens are one of the most complicated rooms in a house. Designing this space is much more than selecting tile or the color of your cabinetry; it involves electrical, plumbing, gas lines, fixtures, and appliances, not to mention all the storage space you might want to incorporate. Now, before you start to get overwhelmed, pause to think about this: when you are in the midst of something complicated and expensive, would you rather have someone lead who has done it successfully many times or leave it up to chance by DIYing it? We’re going to guess you picked the seasoned professional! With so many details, options, and styles for you to pick from, having someone to guide you, synthesize all your inspiration photos, and help coordinate the myriad of details is well worth it!

In addition, an experienced designer and firm will help you think about key elements you might not consider such as setting a realistic schedule for work with both you and your subcontractors based on industry average lead times and installation time for certain goods and materials or arranging for a temporary kitchen for use while your current space is out of commission so you never have to go without your morning coffee.


Behind The Scenes Peek

As we’ve said, kitchens are complicated! With so many choices, it can be really hard to envision how all of these details will come together to create something beautiful, functional, and cohesive. A professional designer can help you to utilize the space you have well while incorporating all your must-haves. In addition, a professional designer, like the designers at Sunnyfields, will also craft a variety of schematic designs including a 3-D rendering of the space so you can, using virtual reality, stand in your new space to get a feel for the design, ensuring that once it is built, you’re happy with the space. Essentially you get to ‘try before you buy.’ This method gives you space that works well, in function and in form, rather than something that was done in a piecemeal manner.

Improved Functionality

Sometimes, what looks good isn’t always the best use of the space and vice versa! But usually, there is a happy medium between creating cabinetry and a floor plan which gives you the functionality, the storage, and the space you desire while also creating a stunning look! That fine balance is hard to achieve if you haven’t worked on a project of this nature before.

Professional kitchen designers help you to maximize the space that you have through clever design and mixed-use. They’ll help you to consider things such as the position of the cabinetry and appliances based on the way you move, cook, or gather; what type of cabinetry insert (i.e. a le mans vs static shelving) to put in the awkward corners or hard to reach spaces, ensuring that the space is utilized well rather than becoming a catch-all mess.



Plainly put, the assistance of a design professional within a design-oriented firm like Sunnyfields Cabinetry is not only the smart choice, it will ultimately save you money, time, and frustration in the long run.

In most cases, we spend more waking hours in our kitchens than anywhere else; they provide nourishment for your family, act as a gathering spot for loved ones, and become the central location where much of day-to-day life takes place. For a space that important, trust the value that a seasoned professional brings to the kitchen table.



Sunnyfields Cabinetry is a nationally and locally awarded kitchen and bath designer. Our intentionally curated portfolio of fine cabinetry and custom-crafted millwork provides solutions for every area of your home. Our talented team of nationally accredited designers and remodeling specialists can handle every phase of your project, offering the highest level of service, exquisite craftsmanship, and attention to every design detail to ensure your satisfaction from start to finish. To learn more or to begin bringing your dream space to life, contact Sunnyfields today.