Hannah Triebel, Design Visionary, in Home & Design Magazine

We are thrilled to have Hannah Triebel, Lead Project Designer, featured in Home & Design Magazine as a Design Visionary! Here is a quick peek at her piece:

Designs by Hannah Triebel of Sunnyfields Cabinetry are luxurious and creative, emphasizing aesthetics and functionality. 

What is your philosophy on home as a sanctuary? 

Your home should be functionals and also have “special moments.” These can be as simple as dressing up a fireplace for a cozy evening or adding color and texture to a wet bar to create a restaurant experience. 

How do you create multi-functional spaces? 

The way in which I design a multi-functional yet cohesive space is driven by my client’s lifestyle and priorities. For example, what looks like a stand0alone cabinet could be a wine fridge or even a hidden desk area for working from home.

Can you explain how entertaining at home will evolve?

We are moving away from formal dining and living rooms, towards a more informal and personal way of living. I aim to create spaces that feel both intimate and warm but still sophisticated. 

Way to go, Hannah!