Creating Special Moments in Your Home & Your Life

What does it take to truly love your space? You might say a functional layout or maybe decor that reflects your style but there is one other thing that our designers always like to incorporate into a space to make it truly feel like home; they add design flairs that create “special moments.”

By incorporating a unique design feature, interesting layout, or intriguing style, our hope is that you are encouraged to experience the space rather than just use it. For example, they might create an intricate and funky at-home bar so that you have a fun place to come for happy hour when covid doesn’t allow you to enjoy restaurants or bars in the same way. Or it might be a bathroom with a little added feature to make it feel like a sanctuary. Sometimes, it is a beautiful outdoor space to allow you to connect with your surroundings as well as the people in your life.

As we mentioned last week, our “why” is the ability to help you create a space that feels like home. This week, we encourage you to find ways to create “special moments,” moments that create memories, in your space.

Spaces That Create Special Moments

This outdoor area makes us wish it was summer all year round! Can’t you just imagine family dinner at the table or sitting poolside with a good book on a Saturday afternoon?

Contemporary wet bar with grey cabinetry (Full bar)

We love the funky feel of the dark wood cabinetry in this wet bar next to the fun metallicized cherry blossom wallpaper. Who says staying home has to be boring?

Walk in shower/sauna with wood detailing within rustic/contemporary bathroom

This bathroom got a major upgrade with the addition of a sauna so that the homeowner could relax and unwind after long days.