The “Who” Matters Just As Much As The “What”

A few weeks ago we talked about the impact that all the little details that you don’t see have on the outcome of a project. But what matters just as much, if not more, than those types of details? The people behind the scenes who coordinate, document, complete, and share the details to ensure the end result is truly remarkable! We LOVE our team members and our partners! It is because of them, our “who,” that we are able to craft incredible spaces, our “what.” Our goal is to surround ourselves and to fill our workspaces with people who focus on the details and go above and beyond for each other and for our clients.

From architectural drawings and cabinetry designs to constructing the space and then photographing it, our team truly puts their hearts into the job behind the scenes so that the end result is breathtaking.

Do you have people in your life who go above and beyond for you or for others? Let this be your reminder for the day to tell them how much they matter to you!

Whitney Wasson photographing a beautiful outdoor space! Click on the photo to see the finished results.

Whitney and Katie doing whatever it takes to get the shot of our Sunnyfield’s team! You’ll see these finished photos on our Sunnyfields’ website soon!

Drew unveiling the newly-finished antique mirror walls behind this double sink vanity. Click on the image to see more behind-the-scenes photos of this space.

Ed installing a great set of built-in cabinets. Click the image to see the finished result!

Designers, Jenni and Julie, reviewing tile and wallpaper suggestions to match with a client’s custom cabinetry that we will be installing!

Ivy, an Assistant Project Manager with DACG, on her way to drop off a gift to the owners of a recently completed project!