April Showers Bring…Muddy Spaces 🌧️☂️

We might not be all the way to April yet but our recent rain sure does make it feel like it!
We all know the old April Showers adage and wait patiently for those May flowers to arrive but what does all this rain bring before we get to May? You guessed it: Mud (and the inevitable tug of children’s (and puppies’) hearts to play in the dirt)!

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love jumping in a muddy puddle just as the next kid but when that mud gets tracked into the house, onto carpets or couches, it just doesn’t seem as much fun anymore. But, when you’re able to craft a home that fits the lifestyle of your family, you can incorporate spaces like mudrooms, utility spaces, or entryways so that your peace of mind and your kids’ joy isn’t limited by your space. Whether it is intentionally planned in new construction or a smart repurposing of a current space,  these types of spaces are a perfect addition. So repeat after us: With the right space, mud doesn’t have to be scary.

So here are our two reminders for the week:

  1. Let them be kids — Let them play, let them experience the sloppy, wet, and mucky joy of getting dirty (and then direct them to the mudroom to save your floors and your sanity)!
  1. As an adult, the inevitable joy of letting go of inhibitions and just being playful is SO worth the mess. Look past what is deemed to be “dirty” and find the tiny joys that are buried beneath.

Mighty Mudrooms
No matter how big or how small, intentional storage and clean-up space can make a world of difference! Which style do you prefer?