🎵 Let’s talk about sleep, baby! 🎵

“Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things, that may be.” Think back to January 1st and all those resolutions you might have made. My guess is, at least one of your resolutions was to live a healthier life in one way or another. You might have thought about running more or eating clean but have you considered how your sleep can impact your health?

Sleep plays an important role in physical and mental well-being, and what plays a huge role in your sleep quality? Your bedroom!

Here are a few things that matter when trying to craft a space that promotes good sleep health:
  • The Walls & Windows: While we can’t prevent your partner’s snoring, we can help block out ambient noises that come from outside your home by using high-quality insulation, windows, and doors. A quiet bedroom promotes a better night’s sleep!
  • The Air: You’ve probably heard before that a cool room helps you sleep better but it’s not just any cool air, it’s fresh cool air. We choose to install high-efficiency HVAC systems with specialties like variable-speed blowers and multistage compressors to allow you to control the temperature and humidity level of the fresh circulating air in all the rooms of your house.
  • The Materials: Did you know that certain types of materials let off toxic gasses known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which can affect the air you breathe and the health of you and your family. We’re committed to building using only the highest quality materials to make your home healthy.
  • The Lights: With SmartHome technology, not only can you control the temperature and humidity of your space, you can also control the lighting. We’re not just talking about being able to turn the lights on and off, but also changing the color tones, light levels and setting timers to keep your body clock on schedule.
  • The Storage Space: Create a clutter-free space, a space that feels like a getaway, to help you sleep more soundly. Custom cabinets and storage give you space to keep all your items neat and put away.

Are you ready to start sleeping (and feeling) better?
Take a look at some beautiful bedrooms below and then give yourself a moment to dream about how we can design and build your perfect bedroom space!