Give Gifts, Then Make Memories

This season requires a delicate balance between giving your loved ones your hand-selected presents or your hard-earned presence. We want everything to be perfect, from the gifts and decorations to the holiday meals being served; we crave the excitement of the big pile of presents under the tree or for each night of Hanukkah. The world works itself up into a frenzy of festivities and jubilation, to make everything a perfect celebration. It can be tiring, right?

This year, we invite you to first invest in a few key pieces for your loved ones and then invest in being present, savoring time together, and creating memories in a space created especially for you and your family that will last long after the physical presents are gone.

Key Presence

Carefully designed and crafted spaces in your home provide more areas for your family to connect and participate in family activities together! How can we help create your dream space?

Helping you dream up and plan out your favorite spaces!

Key Presents

Don’t forget, these unique pieces also make great holiday gifts! that can be purchased in-store and we offer shipping to family and friends across the country! We hope to see you in the showroom soon!