Turning Small Spaces into Specialty Rooms

Small spaces may seem like a big roadblock in beautiful design, but they actually provide a wonderful opportunity for homeowners—specialty rooms. Here, the design specialists at Sunnyfields provide tips on how to maximize small spaces in your home by transforming them into functional specialty rooms.

Consider Your Needs

Specialty rooms should be niche areas of your home, which fulfill a specific purpose. Consider the needs of you and your family when deliberating on the type of specialty room you wish to create. Those who imbibe may love to have a wine cellar, or walk-in liquor cabinet. Do you have a home with pets? A special room for washing, grooming and storing your pet’s food, toys and extra bedding would be a great addition to your home. A mudroom is a practical way to keep outdoor mess away from the rest of your home’s interior. Artistic members of the family may find use in a darkroom, studio or workshop. Determining the type of specialty room you wish to have will help you to maximize the space effectively.

Create Light Through Color Choices and Actual Lighting

While darker colors have a visible shrinking and slimming effect, lighter colors tend to make spaces look bigger and brighter. Creams, light pinks and light greys, as well as light blues and greens, all have a soothing and calming effect as well, making your specialty room a space to truly enjoy. Carry this color palette throughout all design elements, including walls, flooring, cabinets and furniture. Worried an even-tone space will feel boring and bland? Play with texture and patterns to keep a space from feeling flat and non-dimensional: materials like granite, marble, metal and fine wood can feel particularly luxe, while easily accommodating multiple color palates.

A darkroom or wine cellar may not benefit from a great deal of light, many other specialty rooms will. A space is only useful if you are able to comfortably use it, so choosing a variety of lighting options will really maximize the space. While relying solely on ceiling lights will feel unflattering, a mixture of floor and ceiling lights—along with dimmers to control the amount of light you need—will make a space feel dynamic, and enhance the practicality of the space.

Pick Fewer, Larger Pieces That Have Multiple Functions

A small space chock-full of small pieces will seem cluttered and unwelcoming. It may seem counterintuitive, but larger pieces actually make a small space seem bigger and grander. Think about pieces that can function in multiple ways: benches with interior storage or cabinets with mirrored panels are just a couple of great examples. Streamlining the number of pieces in a space provides a clean, airy feel—ideal for a smaller area that you’ve dedicated to a specialty purpose.

Customize Your Design

Choosing a design team who excels at custom-design work is the best way to turn a small area into a beautiful and functional specialty room. Custom-design pieces are uniquely tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that every available inch of space is used in a valuable and aesthetically pleasing way. Make your space work to your needs with custom-design pieces!

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