The Key to Navigating Residential Cabinetry

About to get started on that new kitchen remodel project you’ve been talking about for a while now? Before doing so, take a minute to read these key things to consider from Sunnyfields Cabinetry and Millwork Specialist, August Reichert.  With 30 years of construction and project management experience in the cabinetry and millwork industry, August is highly valued for his insights and advice from initial designs through each step of the remodel process. Read on to find out what August suggests that you consider when navigating residential cabinetry.


Four important navigation parameters to consider in any cabinetry project should be:

  1. Design Intent-pertaining to the appearance and aesthetic of the cabinets
  2. Budget-monetary guidelines for the project
  3. Project Schedule-timeline built around product lead-time and scope of project
  4. Function-intended use of space and clients lifestyle parameters.


Evaluation of cabinetry details: Function and Form Details

  • There are details that only deal with the functionality of cabinetry such as box construction, drawer construction & joinery.
  • There are details that deal primarily with form or appearance of cabinetry such as finish, door-drawer styles & decorative hardware.
  • Then there are details which have an interplay between both form & function, a cross between.


Cabinetry is the marriage of aesthetics and function. 

Cabinetry is the detailed portion of a project that reflects the day to day function, but brings with it a very large aesthetic to the living space.


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