Our Team



Lead Project Designer

Cindy’s passion for creating innovative and functional design is evident both in the beautiful spaces she produces as well as the excellent service she provides to her clients. Cindy brings many years of experience in the kitchen and bath design industry. With every project, she works to understand, interpret and execute the client’s vision, no detail is too small to be considered!

From a featured design in Architectural Digest to an award for outstanding design from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, Cindy’s talent has been frequently recognized over the years. Her extensive product knowledge, paired with her eye for exciting design elements truly elevates her creations and the lives of her clients.


What is the most important thing to focus on when designing a new space?

For me, the biggest thing to focus on when crafting a new space is ‘will this tangibly improve the lives of the people who live in this space?’ I always start by asking how I can do that and do it in a beautiful way.

I work with my clients to uncover how they currently use their space, what works well, what may be a pain point in the space and how they aspire to use the area. I like to discuss how their lives will improve with a new space, that helps me hear the current challenges and also allows them to dream.

It’s also important to discuss a family’s habits. For example, do they bake or cook more? Do they fold their laundry at the machines or carry it to their bedroom? Do they eat around an island or at a formal table? All of these things become considerations into what I would suggest they incorporate into their spaces and their storage!

How does custom cabinetry change a space and its uses?

Custom cabinetry is one of the best investments in your home because it allows you to make your home your own, to fit your needs and your space. Crafted individually, they can fit any space and can store any object. On top of that, gorgeous cabinets truly do tie a room together!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I love to garden! I got particularly invested in this during the pandemic. I find it very rewarding to watch something grow that you have planted and nurtured with your own hands. It is especially fun to see bugs/animals interact with the things you’ve grown. For example, I planted milkweed which is the only thing that Monarch butterfly caterpillars eat, so I had fun gardening while also helping to provide food for those beautiful butterflies!