Our Team

DACG Brandon Jones


President & Co-owner

Brandon discovered his professional interests through an upbringing in Baltimore’s arts and architectural heritage. Observing the changing landscape through his father’s land development work, Brandon’s exposure to the construction industry traces back to his early years.  A graduate of MICA, Brandon then completed his Master’s at Yale University with a focus in painting and sculpture before beginning his career in the construction industry.  With over 20 years of experience, Brandon combines extensive practical experience with fluid and instinctive ingenuity, challenging the environment of each undertaking to exceed the status quo.

Integrating his creative interests, natural business acumen, genuine leadership abilities, and considerable analytical instincts, Brandon leads a team of design and construction professionals.  His team is exceptionally creative with a unique capacity for problem-solving. His own relentless demand for excellence and tireless drive brings a unique depth of quality to the client experience from conceptual development through the realization of each project.

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How does custom cabinetry change a space and its uses?

While custom cabinetry allows us the opportunity to develop distinctive designs through the use of a wide range of panel styles, woods, finishes, and detailing without limitation, quality design in custom cabinetry extends well beyond the aesthetics afforded by this range of possibilities.  The cabinetry we put in our spaces certainly heavily influences the overall aesthetic of the space, but we understand the functionality of this major component as paramount to the success of a project.  As we accumulate and curate the tools and accessories to support our lives, whether it is the particular wares of a kitchen we need for our cooking and serving styles, or the devices of efficiency and organization of a workspace, we need to tailor the design to the subtleties and nuance of our daily needs.  Success in designing custom cabinetry comes down to details not often discussed when considering this subject in broad terms, such as the exact height of a drawer to stow a favorite stock pot, the pull-out shelf accessory for our printer we want to hide when not in use, or the strategic placement of a power source for the devices we want to park at the end of the day.  Dovetailing design and functionality in a clever and sophisticated way is the objective.

Can you share any wisdom for those looking to undertake a renovation?

Renovations are exciting!  Once the plan is developed, you’ve picked your cabinet style and finish, and you’ve had plenty of time to savor the design drawings, the vision of bringing the dream to reality has you ready to start right away.  While we are extremely proud of our craftsmanship and the quality of the projects we have already done, and we get excited by every new project we start, the most important measure is the experience of our clients throughout the remodeling process.  If there is one piece of advice I would give that can impact the quality of experience, it is to spend the extra time working with your designer to plan every detail before you start.  Choose your fixtures, finishes, and equipment.  Make sure they are exactly what you want.  And allow the time for the construction team to plan for these materials, their timely delivery, and the ultimate installation.  Not only will this assure you protect the time you need to make careful choices without the pressure of an ongoing project schedule, but it will allow your project to finish faster than if it starts before these decisions are made.  The planning stage, which we refer to as preconstruction, is likely the most important stage of a successful project.