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Associate Project Designer

Bailey works with Sunnyfields as a Project Designer, providing unique and luxurious designs for her clients in various areas of their homes. Bailey’s strong design skillset and passion for uncovering a client’s unique needs and desires for their space is evident in her gorgeous designs and thoughtful client conversations! Bailey is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, with a B.S in Residential Environment and Design with an Entrepreneurship Minor. Prior to graduating, she interned with various Kitchen & Bath designer studios and building supply companies. We are thrilled that she is a Sunnyfields Project Designer, using her experience, coaching, and innate design skillset to bring our client’s dreams to life.

Get to know Bailey

How does custom cabinetry change a space and its uses?

Custom cabinetry allows you to build the design around each specific client and their space. By customizing the function of each cabinet to the everyday needs of the household, it allows the clients to have a more efficient use of their space. Utilizing custom cabinetry allows the design to be one of a kind and reflect the client’s individuality and personality. It allows the space to have harmony between the original style of the home and the new additions to the space!

What matters most when crafting a new space?

Arguably one of the most important things is getting to know your clients. I like to spend time figuring out how they currently use the space- what is working and what is a pain point in the current layout? I also like to hear examples of other spaces that they have been in or used, let’s say on a vacation or at a friend or relative’s house, that they really liked, whether that be from an aesthetic or functional perspective. Many times, it is hard to articulate exactly what you want, but talking about what you have seen and liked in other spaces helps to uncover what the client really should have in their new space.

In addition to that, I think another very important aspect of the design process is truly the client’s excitement for what could be. I find that the designs flow much more naturally when the client and I are both really eager and feel as though we know each other well.