Our Process


Design-Build is single-source solution for the entire creative and functional development of construction projects. With this approach, aesthetic objectives are considered simultaneously with those of budget and timeline in a fluid, real-time dialogue from inception through completion.

Success with the Design-Build process is found through communication of ideas between the owner, and the design and construction teams.

The project comes to life through a six-step process.

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As Built

Step 1: Conversation

The Design-Build process is initiated through conversation.  A meeting with your project team, and a review of your wishes and objectives, establishes a shared understanding of the vision for the project.  Your project team will guide you through the information-gathering with thoughtful, well-prepared questions and attentive responses.  A process which can seem dauntingly complicated will be simplified establishing a sense of comfort and control for the steps to follow.

Step 2: Schematic Design

Schematic Design is the development of the high-level concept stage for your project.  Using the information discussed in the first meeting, our team will create these concepts as the creative origin of the project. The Schematic Design process includes:

  • Field Measurement: Detailed dimensioning of the existing architecture.
  • As-Built Drawings: Renderings of existing conditions not only help the design team understand the existing structure but provide clues pointing to solutions that embrace essential functions and aesthetics of the building and interior spaces.
  • Schematic Drawings: Concept development yielding floor plans, elevations and three-dimensional models. The design drawings provide you and your team the ability to conceptualize the project and envision the space in form, function and even finish, long before it is built.
  • A Schematic Budget: Preliminary project cost analysis to assure the designs are consistent with your investment objectives. Understanding the project cost at the same time as the design, allowing effective and timely decision making, is an essential feature of the Design-Build process.

Throughout the Schematic Design process, you will engage in detailed discussions with your design team, discussions furnished by your project drawings, and navigate through decisions impacting not only the concept of the project, but details that will come to define the unique character of your project when it is built.


Step 3: Scope of Work, Pricing & Project Schedule

Upon finalization of the Schematic Design concept, your Project Team will develop:

  • Scope of Work: A detailed written description, complimentary to the drawings, defining the approach to construction, important materials and specifications.
  • Pricing: A final cost for the project tailored to the design and scope developed throughout the process.
  • Construction Schedule: A detailed and sophisticated timeline preparing you for the construction process, and serving as the working document your construction team will use to assure a highly-organized process, and project which remains on schedule.

Step 4: Approval for Construction

Once your team has prepared a design, price and timeline which meets your satisfaction, a contract will be executed and the construction process begins.


Step 5: Construction Preparation & Initiation

Your project team will set forth the important steps necessary to assure your project is well organized and prepared to start:

  • Enhance the drawings in preparation for permit submission and construction.
  • Perform final structural engineering if the project warrants.
  • Introduce you to the construction team including the Project Lead assigned to managing the day to day activities for your project.
  • Develop project management tools including:
    • A construction-ready project schedule reflecting the determined start date, projected completion date, and enhancements for the field team used to navigate through every step and detail.
    • Selection worksheets and a timeline for decision-making, organizing specifications process, and becoming the records used for maintenance and upkeep in the future.
    • Allowances Worksheet complimenting the selections process with cost information to assure selections stay on budget.
  • Working with you through each and every decision and selection to assure even the finest details are harmonized.

Step 6: Groundbreaking

With project documents prepared, permitting in place, and a schedule established, the project team is ready to begin construction!

Throughout the construction and design process, your industry- leading team will include:

  • A Production Manager who oversees all aspects of construction
  • A field supervisor who is responsible for directing all labor and subcontractor forces on site
  • A highly-vetted team of trade professionals
  • Our curated team of in-house carpenters