Maximizing Small Spaces

Small spaces may seem like a big roadblock in beautiful design, but this need not be the case. Here, the design specialists at Sunnyfields provide tips on how to maximize small spaces in your home.

Choose a Light Color Palette

While darker colors have a visible shrinking and slimming effect, lighter colors tend to make spaces look bigger and brighter. Creams, light pinks and light grays, as well as light blues and greens, all have a soothing and calming effect as well, making your living space a tranquil retreat. Carry this color palette throughout all design elements, including walls, flooring, cabinets and furniture. Worried an even-tone space will feel boring and bland? Play with texture and patterns to keep a space from feeling flat and non-dimensional: materials like granite, marble, metal and fine wood can feel particularly luxe, while easily accommodating multiple color palettes.

Create Visual Tricks with Mirrors and Glass

Making a small space seem larger is all about “fooling the eye,” and creating the illusion of expansive areas. A great way to do this is with mirrors, glass and other see-through or reflective pieces. These pieces either reflect light—which opens up a space—or reflect an image of the space, making it seemingly double in size. This technique can work within any design aesthetic, whether traditional, modern, or quirky. A great way to achieve this effect would be with mirrored cabinets, a fireplace with glass elements or beautiful glassware pieces used as decorative touches.

Pick Fewer, Larger Pieces That Have Multiple Functions

A small space chock full of small pieces will seem cluttered and unwelcoming. It may seem counterintuitive, but larger pieces actually make a small space seem bigger and grander. Think about pieces that can function in multiple ways: for example, a customized kitchen island, designed so that small chairs can be tucked underneath it when not in use, can act as a workspace and an eating area. Streamlining the number of pieces in a space provides a clean, airy feel—ideal for a smaller area of your home.

Customize Your Design

Choosing a design team who excels at custom-design work is the best way to maximize a small living space. Custom-design pieces are uniquely tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that every available inch of space is used in a valuable and aesthetically pleasing way. Make your space work to your needs with custom-design pieces!

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